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The Flinto Lite Guide

The guide is a comprehensive overview of Flinto features. You’ll probably find an answer to your question, and learn a couple new things while you’re at it.
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Common Flinto Lite Questions

Can I remove the Status Bar?
Unfortunately, not. This is a limitation of iOS and Android. More details in the guide.
What happens to my prototypes if I cancel my subscription?
Your prototypes will not be deleted when you cancel your subscription, or when your free trial ends. If you start a subscription again in the future, they will still be there.
Does Flinto do gestures?
Just taps. If you want to use gestures in your prototype, you might like our other product, Flinto for Mac
Where can I find app design templates?
We like the Teehan & Lax iOS Templates. You can also find more at Creative Market and on Dribbble

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hello@flinto.com This is the fastest way to get help.
@flinto This also pretty fast.