Flinto Privacy Policy


We strongly believe in protecting and respecting your privacy when you use our products.

We try to keep it simple: Your data is none of our business. We only collect data about you that is strictly required for necessary tasks such as authenticating you as a customer of our services, processing your payments and providing better customer support.

This page describes what we do with your data, and why.

Your Content

In Flinto for Mac, content you created is and will be only stored in your local storage devices.

In Flinto Lite, content you uploaded to our server stays inside of our server and will never go out any other services except when you voluntarily share the content with someone else.

Analytics and update checking

We use Hockey App and our internally developed software to collect information about your activity using Flinto for Mac and for checking for updates. This includes:

  • Operating system version – we use this to monitor how many customers are using a certain operating system version so that we can determine when it is ok to drop support for older operating systems.
  • Your Flinto version and build number – this allows us to check if there is a new version of Flinto available for you.
  • A license token – this anonymous identifier allows us to verify that you have a valid license to use Flinto on your computer.


When you interact with our servers using a web browser, or indirectly by network requests sent on your behalf by our apps, some metadata about the request may be logged by us. This metadata may include your IP address, the name of the resource requested, and the name and version number of the software making the request.

We generally don’t look at these logs unless a server appears to be being maliciously used or attacked in some way. We may look at the information in aggregate to see statistics such as how many times our apps have been downloaded. The logs will be kept 30 days.

Crash reporting

If Flinto for Mac crashes while you are using it, data about the crash will be collected and sent to us to help identify the cause of the crash so that we can try to fix it in a future update. These crash reports contain information about the state of the app, operating system, and device at the time of the crash. The crash report does not uniquely identify you, and crash logs do not contain any of your data, unless you voluntarily provide a comment about the crash.

Email List

In Flinto for Mac, you will be given a one-time opportunity to sign up for our email newsletter the first time you open the app. If you decline, no data will be sent. If you accept, the email address you provide will be added to our email list provided by MailChimp.

Our email list is low volume (usually no more than a few messages a year), and is generally limited to announcements of important new versions of our apps, or significant new product releases.

We do not sell or otherwise provide any of our email list to third-parties, with the exception of the company which provides the mailing list service.

Additional information for educational discounts

If you request an educational license, we ask your name, institution name, and photographic proof of your educational status. We only use this to determine whether you are eligble to receive educational discount or not. After we approve or reject your request, we permanentary delete the provided photograph immediately. Your name and school name remains in our database for future reference. (See Delete Your Information for more details.)

Data not collected

Flinto for Mac

Flinto for Mac does not send out any private information. This includes:

  • Your keyboard or screen input
  • Network traffic
  • Hostnames
  • Usernames
  • Passwords
  • SSH / Encryption keys
  • Contents of files you are working with
  • Your IP address
  • Your accurate location information such as GPS data

Flinto Lite

Flinto Lite does not collect any private information in use. This includes:

  • Your keyboard or screen input
  • Network traffic
  • Web site you're browing before or after you visit flinto.com
  • Your accurate location information such as GPS data

Deleting your information

In Flinto Lite, you can change, update or delete any of the content you made with Flinto. If you delete your account, your content will be deleted from our database immediately, however it may be kept in backups for up to 30 days. Backups are are only accessed if needed for disaster recovery.

In Flinto for Mac, your work is all locally stored and we do not have access to any content you created. If you no longer use Flinto for Mac and you would like to delete all information we collect during the period you use Flinto for Mac, please contact us.

Opting Out

All personal information we collect is on an opt-in basis, you do not need to opt-out from any of our data collection.

Social Networks and Web Tracking

We do not use (and do not like) behavior tracking code such as Google Analytics, Facebook Like Buttons, or Twitter Follow Button.

Flinto uses Social Network services such as Twitter and Facebook Group only to provide a place to communicate with our customers. We do not and will not have any tools that scrape your information from these social network services. We do not use, sell, trade or distribute information from our social networking accounts to third parties.

Service Used

Flinto uses external services to provide better customer experience.

Services Used in both Flinto for Mac and Flinto Lite

  • Email customer services are provided by HelpScout.
  • Email list services are provided by MailChimp.
  • CDN for web servers are provided by Fastly.

Services Used in Flinto for Mac

  • Collection and aggregation of usage analytics and crash reports are provided by Hockey App.
  • Update checking in direct download apps is provided by the Sparkle framework. (Download server itself is provided by Flinto.)
  • License activation services are developed internally by Flinto.

Services Used in Flinto Lite

  • SMS notification services used in Flinto Lite are provided by Twilio.
  • Email notification services used in Flinto Lite are provided by SendGrid.

Questions and Feedback

Please contact us if you have any questions about our data collection or privacy policies.

Flinto, LLC is located in the state of California, USA, and the official corporate address is: 660 4th Street, Unit 460, San Francisco, CA 94107