App Prototyping Tools for Designers

Flinto lets designers quickly make interactive prototypes of their mobile, desktop, or web apps.

But seriously, what’s the difference between Flinto for Mac and Flinto Lite?

Flinto for Mac
Flinto Lite
Animated Transitions
Use the Transition Designer to create your own animations.
Built-in transitions that mirror iOS or Android animations.
Micro Interactions
Use the Behavior Designer to create interactive elements.
Use taps, or direct-manipulation swipe gestures to activate links.
Just taps.
Send Flinto files by email, AirDrop or whatever else.
Convenient install link sent through email or SMS.
View prototypes on the Mac or our free iOS viewer app.
View prototypes on the Web or on-device.
Design for any screen size, input custom screen sizes.
Design for popular iOS and Android screen sizes.
Customizable scroll groups provide maximum flexibility.
Upload tall screens to scroll vertically. Fixed headers too.
Use our Sketch plugin or drag and drop assets from any app.
Drag and drop flattened screens designed in any app.
Your Data
Your files don't leave your computer.
Your prototypes are stored carefully on our servers.
$99 one-time purchase.
$20/month subscription.
More here.
Trial version can be used as a free viewer for sharing prototypes.
Your active, paid subscription includes access to Flinto for Mac!

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