Design Better Apps, Faster

iOS and Android prototypes made from your existing screen designs.

The App Design Process is Broken

It’s easy to catch issues in your design when you are testing an interactive prototype. Problem is, that usually doesn’t happen until development starts. At that point, it’s too late to fix things.

Fix it With Flinto Lite

You’ll be testing interactive prototypes from the start. Flinto Lite makes it quick and easy to create prototypes that look just like the real thing. And Flinto Lite doesn’t disrupt your current workflow because it uses the screens you’ve already designed. Read on to learn how Flinto Lite works.

The Lightning–Fast Flinto Lite Editor

It’s been called the best web app ever made, but you won’t spend much time using it. We made it fast so you’ll be in and out in minutes.

  • Connect Screens Visually

    Link your screen designs together in a completely visual, intuitive way. You might even say it’s fun.

  • Update Screens as You Go

    Iterate by dragging new screens on top of old ones. Screen gets replaced, links stay put.

  • Draw Links Automatically

    Hold option while hovering over a screen and links are drawn automatically. It feels like magic.

  • No Waiting for Uploads

    Screens are added instantly, no waiting. Why don’t all web apps work this way?

They’ll Think It’s a Real App

Your Flinto Lite prototypes look so realistic, people might think they actually are.

  • Your Icon

    Install prototypes on your homescreen, with your icon. No extra apps required. Anyone can do it.

  • Super–Smooth Transitions

    We faithfully recreated iOS and Android transitions. Add them to your prototypes with a click.

  • Fixed Headers and Footers

    Fixed headers and footers with a click and a drag. No extra images needed. A Flinto Lite original!

  • Scrolling, Naturally

    The screens in your Flinto Lite prototype can scroll. How do you do it? Upload a taller screen of course!

Flinto Lite, Free for 30 Days

No credit card required. Sign up in seconds.

Flinto is extremely awesome and fast,
I fell in love with it.
Artist & Designer at Pacific Helm
I’ll be using this a lot.
Design partner at Google Ventures
I’m super impressed,
and I feel much more productive.
CEO and Co-Founder of Lift
Wow, you guys really went above and beyond. One of the most advanced Web apps I’ve used.
Independent UI/UX Designer
If you need to prototype mobile apps, Flinto is bonkers. One of the best web apps I’ve used
in any category!
Freelance User Interface Designer
I’ve found Flinto to be an incredibly well thought out and simple way to build prototypes.
Senior UX and Interaction Designer at IDEO
If you’re a UI designer and you’re not using Flinto, your creative process is incomplete.
Senior Interaction Designer at Frog Design

How Much Does Flinto Lite Cost?

$20/Month. Make as many prototypes as you want. It’s really that simple. Sorry if you were hoping for a huge feature comparison table.

What devices are supported

Flinto Lite supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and Android devices. You can create prototypes for Nexus 7, Nexus 5, Nexus 4, they are viewable on any Android device capable of running the latest version of Chrome.

What if I need help?

Please get in touch! You can email any time. We’re fast, friendly and happy to help.

Can I sign up my whole team?

Yes, you can add team members to your account once you’ve signed up. The cost is $20/member/month.

Are there contracts? How do I cancel?

No contracts, no games. You can cancel your subscription any time right from your Flinto Lite account page.

Is my work safe?

We’re serious about security. All traffic is encrypted over SSL. You own your work, we don’t look at it or share it. Prototypes can be password protected for extra security.