Flinto 24 is available today, it includes Dribbble integration, a new 3D Touch gesture, and an integrated Sketch importer. Flinto also has a new logo, app icon and website design.

New Logo and Website

Flinto has a new more consistent set of logos and icons designed by Parakeet. We’ve also redesigned the Flinto website with an improved help section.

GIF and Dribbble Export

Why we built a Dribbble integration, and how it works.

After recording a video in the preview window you can now export it as a GIF, or compose a Dribbble shot and post it directly from Flinto. It’s the fastest way to get your design out into the world.

3D Touch Gesture

A few examples of Flinto’s new 3D Touch gesture.

You can use the new 3D Touch gesture in the behavior designer or for screen-to-screen links. We cleverly designed our 3D Touch gesture to allow you to chain together two gestures into a single press which gives you the flexibility to do simple transitions, or two-stage ones like “peek” and “pop”.

Integrated Sketch Plugin

How the new integrated Sketch import works.

Sketch import no longer relies on a Sketch plugin. It’s integrated right into the app. This prevents mismatched Sketch plugin and Flinto versions which was a frequent problem before. It also makes the sizing of imported content more natural.

Reminder: New Pricing In Effect

Flinto 24 is a paid update for anyone who purchased Flinto more than a year before the release of Flinto 23. Visit the license renewal page to learn more details about yearly licensing or to renew your license.

Yearly License Explained

The yearly license model is becoming a popular pricing model for design tools. It’s fair for developers and customers.

You get frequent, useful updates and we get rewarded for our ongoing full-time work on Flinto. You aren’t tied to a bothersome subscription and we aren’t incentivized to hold back features for huge yearly releases.

Free Major Updates

When we release an update with new features, you can download and use it for free.

Free Minor Updates

You will also receive free smaller updates with bug fixes and small new features.

License Expires After a Year

Your license expires, but you still get free minor updates. When a new major version is released, renew your license to upgrade.

Flinto Never Stops Working

You can choose not to renew and continue using your current version as long as you want. We’ll even release free critical bug fixes if necessary.