Today we are releasing Flinto 27 which features Figma import and Mojave Dark Mode. Download the free trial here.

Figma Import

Watch a prototype made from a Figma document

An increasing number of our customers are using Figma for their UI design, and Figma import has been a popular feature request for Flinto. We’re happy to be adding support for importing Figma documents into Flinto today. This will allow you to create high-fidelity animated prototypes from designs you created in Figma.

To use Figma import, create a Flinto document, choose “Import” from the toolbar, then choose “Figma”. You’ll need to authorize Flinto to access your Figma files the first time you use it. Then you can choose a Figma document to import. Flinto's Figma integration maintains editable text layers and editable vector shapes where possible, allowing you a great deal of flexibility within Flinto. Layers with features that Flinto doesn't support are flattened into bitmaps upon import.

We’re thrilled to give Figma customers access to Flinto’s easy and powerful animation tools. Download the free trial of Flinto 27 and give it a go!

Dark Mode

Flinto 27 also finally adds support for macOS Mojave’s dark mode system, for all you night owls.