GDPR or "General Data Protection Regulation" is a new set of rules for businesses that operate in the EU concerning their use of customer data.

We think it's very important to handle customer data carefully and not to collect more information than we need. Flinto has taken the opportunity to revise our data usage including the removal of some data collection that we determined was not strictly necessary. We have updated our privacy policy to be more readable and to include more details about the type of data we collect and how it is used. This change is effective May 25, 2018.

What we have changed

  • We do not currently use social media buttons which track your browsing behavior
  • We do not currently use common analytics tools because we are uncomfortable with their tracking of your behavior
  • We currently store very little customer information, what we do store is probably what you would expect, information strictly necessary for carrying out our services
  • We have removed some data we determined that we can do without such as your IP address
  • We changed the way we identify your machine (for validating Flinto for Mac installations) so that it is hashed, rendering it unreadable to anyone with access to our database.
  • We now automatically delete student ID photos which are shared with us for validating student status for educational discounts
  • We will stop collecting names and email addresses when licensing Flinto for Mac

We think these changes will make it even safer to be a Flinto customer. We have built our business in such a way that your personal data is unimportant to us. Our only goal is to make a useful product and for our customers purchase it, we can do that without invasive data collection.