Your new favorite color picker

Today we're releasing Flinto for Mac version 23. Download a free trial of Flinto for Mac

We're also leaving the Mac App Store. Flinto 23 is only available from We're also announcing a new pricing model for Flinto for Mac licenses.

Your New Favorite Color Picker

We've built our own color picker to replace the macOS default one that nobody likes. We think it's going to be your new favorite. It's a really solid color picker with some cool extras:

  • Magic Swatch When you have a color value in your clipboard, like #FF6759 or hsba(5,65,100,100) an extra swatch will magically appear with that color value.
  • Quick-Add Swatch When you activate the eyedropper, hold shift and click to immediately add a swatch with the sampled color. It's great for quickly loading in a set of colors.
  • It's fast! You may not think of a color picker needing to be fast, but when things like activating the eyedropper and dragging the color values have even a small delay, it can really get in the way.

Improved Wireless Live Preview

We've changed the underlying technology for our wireless live preview. It's faster to connect and more reliable. Make sure to update the iOS viewer app in order to use live preview in Flinto 23.

Easier Updates with Sparkle

We're now using the popular Sparkle update system so this is the last time you'll have to download a .dmg file and copy it to your applications folder. You're probably wondering why we didn't do this sooner, right? We weren't comfortable using Sparkle because of a security feature it was lacking. That feature has been added, so now we're on-board.

New Pricing Model

We've released 10 free major updates to Flinto for Mac since launch including today's release of version 23. Today Flinto for Mac is also changing to a yearly license model.

When you buy a Flinto for Mac license, you will receive one year of free updates. If you bought Flinto for Mac more than a year ago, you receive today's version 23 release for free, and will need to purchase a new license if you wish to upgrade to Flinto 24 when it is released.

When your license expires, Flinto keeps working. You only need to buy a new license to upgrade to the next version that is released after your license expires.

This licensing model has proven succesful for other design tools such as Sketch. It encourages us to release regular updates without holding back features for large upgrade releases. We think it's the most fair option for our customers and for us.

Leaving the Mac App Store

Flinto for Mac is no longer available through the Mac App Store. If you've previously used Flinto from the Mac App Store, this version will prompt you with instructions to migrate over and we will issue you a free license key. Read our blog post for more information.