Bring your prototype to life by drawing links on top of the buttons in your screens and specifying a target screen. When you tap the link, you go to the target screen. We’ve made it really easy. Too easy maybe. If you feel guilty, try doing some pushups after drawing your links.

Drawing & Targeting

Click and drag on a screen to draw a link. You’ll immediately enter target mode when you finish drawing the link. Go ahead and click the screen you’d like to be the target. Repeat until done.

You’ll be pleased to know that you can start drawing your link outside of the screen area. Makes it really easy to get up in the corners.

Protip: Hold space while drawing a link to reposition it before you even finish drawing. Photoshop masters will appreciate this one.

Ignore History

Select a link, then press the “Ignore History” button, and that link will be ignored when you hit a back button. This is handy for links that go to a similar screen that shows a different state of the screen you are on. It’s a little hard to explain, but you’ll understand immediately once you need it.


Select links by clicking them. Click a selected link to re-target. Hold shift to select multiple links on the same screen. Press delete to delete the currently selected links.

Moving and Resizing

Click and drag on a link to move it. Click and drag on the corners and edges to resize it.


Hold option while dragging a link to duplicate it. Works with multiple links selected too.


After you draw a link, or any time a link is selected, you can choose the transition it will use from the toolbar.


This. Is. Awesome. Hold option while hovering over a screen. Links will be drawn automatically under your cursor. We do this by analyzing the image and detecting the edges of buttons. It makes drawing links super fast.

The first link here is drawn manually, the subsequent ones use LinkSnap for one-click link drawing.