You can create gestures directly in the layer inspector. The top section labeled “Gestures” lists all the gestures attached to the currently selected layer.

To Create a Gesture

Click the “Add Gesture” menu and choose the desired gesture type. You’ll then need to choose the target screen and transition.

You can repeat the above process to add additional gestures.

Gesture Types

  • Tap: Activated when a click or tap goes down and then up within a link. If a conflicting gesture such as a swipe is present, the tap will be activated only if it goes down and up within a small tolerance, otherwise the swipe gesture may be activated. When a double tap gesture is also present, a short delay will be added to allow for the detection of a double tap gesture.
  • Double Tap: Activated when a link is tapped or clicked twice in succession in the same area.
  • Long Tap: Activated when the finger or mouse is pressed down and held for a moment without moving.
  • Directional Swipes: Activated when a swipe occurs in the specified direction. The swipe must start inside the link area but can complete outside. The transition will be controlled by the finger or mouse movement.
  • Touch Down: Activated as soon as the finger or mouse is pressed down inside the link area.
  • Touch Up: Activated when the finger is lifted or the mouse button is released. This gesture is distinct from the tap gesture because it can be activated without first touching down on the link area which may happen if the finger is slid onto the link, or if the link was activated by a touch down on another screen and the finger has not yet been lifted.
  • Mouse Enter: Activated when the mouse pointer enters the boundary of a link.
  • Mouse Leave: Activated when the mouse pointer leaves the boundary of a link.
  • 3D Touch: This gesture only works on iOS devices that support 3D touch and Mac trackpads that support Force Touch. The 3D touch gesture has a configurable pressure range. You can choose 0%-50%, 50%-100% or 0%-100%. The gesture is activated as soon as pressure is detected within the specified range. You can chain together two 3D touch gestures by using a 0%-50% 3D touch gesture followed by a 50%-100% gesture on a link located in the same place on the following screen or state.