Several properties can be edited in the Document Properties Inspector which appears on the right side when nothing is selected in the canvas area.

Modify the screen size

Modify the screen size here if you chose the wrong size when creating your document, or if you have decided to switch to a different device size.

Set a home screen

Use the “Home Screen” menu to choose a new home screen. The home screen will be the first screen that appears when you run your prototype.

Change the default status bar

The “Default Status Bar” menu lets you choose the default status bar style for each new screen. This will apply the actual iOS device status bar to prototypes.

Change the perspective value

The perspective setting determines how away far you appear to be from 3D-rotated layers. Smaller values make layers appear to be closer to you, with more pronounced perspective. Larger values layers appear to be further away, with less extreme perspective.

Change the background color

Click the color button to choose a background color that will be used across all your screens.

Show tap hints in viewer

With “Show Tap Hints” selected, links will be highlighted on-screen when someone running your prototype taps outside of a link area. This will help users locate links. “Show Tap Hints” can be disabled for a more realistic effect.