Flinto’s Point/Pixel options allow for switching between 1x and 2x design environments depending on your needs. If you are unsure which setting to use, use PT.

Ways to Change Units Between Points and Pixels

  • Click the PT or PX button in the toolbar.
  • Choose View > Use Points as Units from the menu bar.


With point chosen, all units will be shown in points. Depending on the screen density set in your document, one point is equal to more than one pixel. Working in points is a common and convenient way to work. It is the equivilent of working at 1x. When zooming to 100%, will see the screens at their point dimensions. When dropping an image, it will be scaled down according to the screen density you have set in your document.


With pixel chosen, all units will be shown in pixels. This is a precise way to work that shows screens larger and makes it easier to design in sub-point increments. This is often referred to as designing at 2x. When zooming to 100%, 1 pixel in your design will occupy 1px on your display. This means you may see a different result when zooming to 100% if you have a high-density display on your mac compared to a 1x display. Images dropped will not be scaled and their original pixel dimensions will be equal to their pixel dimensions in Flinto.