There are many places where colors can be chosen such as the fill, border or shadow of a layer or the background color of screens. Each of these items has a button for activating the color picker or eyedropper.

Choose a color visually

  1. Open the color picker
  2. Slide the hue slider to the desired hue
  3. Drag in the saturation and brightness square
  4. Slide the opacity slider to the desired opacity level

Or click on one of the square color swatches to choose it

Enter a hex or HSB color value

You can type a hex value into the hex field and that color will be set. You can also type hue (H), saturation (S), brightness (B) and opacity (A) values into the corresponding text fields.

Add a color swatch

Color swatches allow quick access to frequently used colors.

  1. Choose the desired color
  2. Click the plus button at the end of the list of color swatches

Reorder color swatches

Click and drag color swatches to reorder them.

Remove color swatches

Drag a swatch outside of the color picker area to remove it.

Use the color value in your clipboard (Magic Swatch)

Copy a text representation of a color in common color formats (such as #ff00ee or rgba(100, 200, 100, 0.5)). When you open the color picker, the Magic Swatch will appear at the end of the list of swatches with the color from your clipboard.

Pick a color with the eyedropper

Invoke the eyedropper

Click the eydropper icon next to a color picker or press ctrl+c on your keyboard.

Pick a color

Use the magnification of the eyedropper tool to precisely choose a color value from anywhere on your screen.

Quickly add a swatch from the eyedropper

While the eyedropper is active, hold shift and click to add a swatch with the color value under the cursor.