Transitions and behaviors you create can be resused in multiple instances.

In the case of a transition, if it only involves animating full screens, then reusing will be easy, just choose the transition you want to use and it will work.

If the transition or behavior involves the movement of many individual layers, there is an extra step involved in reusing it. You need to tell Flinto which layers are to be animated in which way. If you move a layer called “Foo” 100 pixels to the right, and then apply that behavior or transition to a new screen, it may not have a layer called “Foo”. Flinto as a concept called Transition Tags which allow you to specify which layer should use which animation behavior which is explained in this section.

Keep in mind that both transitions and behaviors can be reused in multiple instances, but when you edit them, you are editing the animation characteristics across all instances. The animation tag assignment is unique to each instance, but the animation is global to all instances of the transition or behavior.