The desktop preview makes it easy to check your work as you go, or to present your prototype to others. The preview window is accessible even when using the the trial version of Flinto after the trial period has ended.

Ways to activate the desktop preview

  • Click the Preview button in the toolbar.
  • Choose Window > Preview from the menu bar.
  • Use the command p keyboard shortcut.

Activate the desktop preview with a specific screen

  • Choose Window > Preview with “Screen Name”
  • Use the command shift p keyboard shortcut.

Use the desktop preview in full screen mode

Click the fullscreen button in the title bar of the preview window to enter full screen mode. This is great for presenting your prototype.

Navigate the preview

In addition to clicking links in the preview, you can use the back, forward and home buttons in the preview window's toolbar to navigate.

You can also go to a specific screen using the Preview > Go To item in the menu bar.

Zooming the preview

The size of the preview window can be changed in the following ways:

  • Use the Zoom menu in the preview window's toolbar.
  • Choose View > Zoom In, View > Zoom Out from the menu bar.
  • Use the command + or command - keyboard shortcuts.

You can also zoom to actual size quickly in the following ways: - Choose View > Actual Size from the menu bar. - Use the command 0 keyboard shortcut.

Record the preview window

You can record the preview window for sharing with others. Press the record button in the preview window toolbar or use the command r shortcut to begin recording. Press the button again, or use the shortcut again to stop recording and save the video file.

Mute the preview window

If you would prefer not to hear sounds attached to gestures or the audio track on video layers, you can mute all audio in the preview window. To mute preview window audio, choose Preview > Mute or add the Mute button to the preview window's toolbar by choosing View > Customize Toolbar and dragging the mute button into the toolbar.