The gesture type can be changed by clicking the gesture name in on the desired gesture in the Layer Inspector. A menu will appear from which you can choose a new gesture type.

Gesture Types

  • Tap: activated by a single tap, when the touch ends.
  • Double Tap: activated by two taps in quick succession.
  • Long Tap: activated by a tap that is held down.
  • Left/Right/Up/Down Swipe: activated by a swipe across the layer in the specified direction.
  • Touch Down: activated as soon as the touch begins
  • Touch Up: activated as soon as the touch ends on the link
  • Mouse Over: activated when the mouse pointer enters the bounds of the link
  • Mouse Out: activated when the mouse pointer leaves the bounds of the link
  • 3D Touch: activated when pressing the screen with a 3D Touch compatible device
  • State Change: when a link is created from a behavior group, this gesture is activated when the specified behavior is reached, see using state change gestures

Behavior-Only Gesture Types

These behavior types are only available within the Behavior Designer

  • Button Press: Causes the link to follow button-like behavior including automatically returning to the original state
  • Button Hover: Used for creating button hover effects, automatically returns to the original state on mouse out
  • Scroll: Activated while scrolling over the specified range of a scroll group, see using scroll gestures