Sharing to iOS

Flinto saves .flinto files which can be opened by the free iOS viewer app. You can email Flinto files to yourself or others, or store them in iCloud to access them on-device. Prototypes viewed in a Live View session are also saved to the device.

Sharing to mac

You can share your Flinto prototypes with anyone who has a Mac, even if they don't buy Flinto. The trial version will allow for previewing prototypes even after the trial period has ended.

Saving videos

Another option for sharing your prototypes is to record the preview window and share a video file. Click the record button in the preview window toolbar, interact with your prototype, then press record again and save the file. You can save as a .mov or .gif file. The shortcut for recording in the preview is command r.


After recording the preview window, you can choose the Dribbble tab and prepare a shot to post on Dribbble, a popular website where designers share snippets of their work. First, sign in with your Dribbble account. Then you can compose your shot by choosing from the layout options, and setting a background color.

  • Fit: Your recording will be scaled down to fit inside the Dribbble shot. You can choose a background color.
  • Fill: Your recording will be scaled up to fill the entire Dribbble shot. Drag the recording to position it.
  • 3D: Your recording will be made to fit the dribbble shot with a slight 3D rotation. You can choose a background color.

Sharing transitions and behaviors

You can also share your transitions and behaviors with others. Simply share a .flinto file. They can copy links containing the desired transition or groups with the desired behavior applied into their document to make them available throughout that document.