Timer links are frequently useful in the Behavior Designer to auto-advance to another state. One common use is to create looping animations by using a timer link to go back and forth between two states with no interaction necessary.

Create a timer link

  • Click the state on which the timer link will be added
  • Click the timer link check box in the inspector
  • Choose a timeout value (the number of milliseconds to wait before advancing to the next state, remember there are 1,000 milliseconds in a second)
  • Choose a target state

Skip animation on a timer link

The skip animation option is available for timer links and is useful for situations where you need to reset your behavior in some way. For example, if you’d like to create a rotating layer, you might use a timer link to go from a state where the layer is at 0° rotation to a rotated state where it is at 360° rotation. Instead of having the layer animate back to 0° in the opposite direction, you can enable the skip animation option and instantly reset back to the initial state, which will then follow its timer link back to the rotated state. The result will be a seamless looping animation.

To activate the skip animation option: - Create a timer link - Click the skip animation icon (the first icon in the row of small icons at the bottom of the timer link options)